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About AIM

Andrew Lewis, Co-Owner/Co-Founder.

The Beginning…

AIM was founded by Andrew Lewis and Tommy Thomson in August of 2007 after a combined total of seven years experience on the Upper Saranac Lake milfoil control project. By then, the work on Upper Saranac had been proven successful by an exhaustive study conducted by Dr. Dan Kelting of the Adirondack Watershed Institute (AWI). Tommy and Andrew had experienced every aspect of the project from topwater to diver to crew leader to project manager. Armed with wide ranging experience with milfoil removal, successful techniques and a solid education in Natural Resources Management from Paul Smiths College the two formed Aquatic Invasive Management, LLC.

Our Philosophy…

Tommy Thomson, Co-Owner/Co-Founder

The Upper Saranac project taught us the value of innovation. In a natural system there are no straight lines and no simple answers. That is why we are flexible at all times and teach that principle to our crews. We make changes to our techniques as soon as we see a reason. We shift strategy on the fly using a playbook of swim methods. Each year we come up with something entirely different that increases our impact while reducing overall cost. People have a hard time believing that what we do can actually work. It seems labor intensive and costly. In fact, we are cost competetive with aquatic herbicides, cheaper than weevils, faster than suction harvesting and far more effective than mechanical harvesting. Its quite simple to us. If your garden has weeds, the cheapest, most effective and most healthy (for the garden) solution is to simply pull them out, roots and all. We take this principle underwater and continue to impress each of our clients with the effectiveness of our work.