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The Fund for Lake George

Link to contracting party: http://fundforlakegeorge.org/

AIM has been contracted by the Fund for Lake George annually since 2009 to combat Eurasian watermilfoil in several key areas of Lake George.  These locations have dense and problematic milfoil growth coupled with high boat traffic which can increase the spread of the plants via fragmentation.  These areas are not the only locations in which AIM has conducted Eurasian milfoil removal operations under contract with the Fund.

The following maps show the annual milfoil harvests by AIM crews in several key areas of the lake under contract with the Fund for Lake George.  The dots represent GPS waypoints collected over areas where milfoil was harvested by AIM divers.  The color of the dots goes from yellow (representing 2010) to red (representing 2014) to illustrate the difference in each annual harvest.

Lake George Village (sites 7 & 21)

Village 2
Dunhams Bay (sites 19, 85, 180 and 211)
Dunhams 2

Harris Bay (sites 14, 84, 91, 96, 108 and 109)




Warner Bay (sites 11, 37, 38, 120 and 207)

Warner 2



Huddle Bay (sites 20, 209 and 210)

Huddle 2