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Lake Placid

Link to Contracting Party: Lake Placid Shore-owners Association (LPSOA)


AIM returned to Lake Placid in 2010 for just one week with a two diver crew (less than one-tenth of the 2009 project cost). They conducted an exhaustive survey of Paradox Bay and all potential fragment drift locations on the main lake. All of the variable-leaf milfoil was found in Paradox Bay as expected and amounted to just less than one bag (roughly 20 lbs). None was found on the main lake. As a result plans for 2011 are for a mere two day check-up conducted by a two diver crew (one half of the 2010 project costs).


The Lake Placid Shore-owner’s Association (LPSOA) coordinated a rapid and effective reaction to the discovery of variable-leaf milfoil in Paradox Bay on Lake Placid (see under “Articles” link “Lake Placid News”) in the summer of 2009. After conducting surface and underwater surveys with the help of the Adirondack Park Agency (APA), the Adirondack Watershed Institute (AWI) and the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP) the LPSOA had AIM come in to assess the workload and form a plan of action.

AIM saw hand harvesting as the most effective solution and chose to use a newly developed method for eliminating dense growth quickly. Using fragment retention nets and a crew of 8 divers and 2 surface support personnel AIM successfully eliminated the infestation in short order, effectively “nipping it in the bud”.

Aerial photos were taken of the “before” and “after” infestation. The dark circles are a native plant growth. The AIM, hookah dive team and kayaks are visible in the second photo.Photos are courtesy of Ed McNeil, Dr. Charlie Canham, and Larry Master.