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Mountain View Lake

Link to Contracting Party: Mountain View Association (MVA)

2011 Current Progress

The following are interactive maps showing all Eurasian milfoil harvest locations. Our crew takes GPS points over each location where a plant or plants are harvested, that data is then processed to create these maps. Viewers can change the map background using the drop down menu in the top right corner. Double clicking on the map surface will zoom in one level centering on the point where you click. You can click and drag to move around on the map as well. There is a scale bar in the bottom left as well as zoom and pan tools on the left side of each map.

2011 Harvest Map for Mountain View and Indian Lakes



AIM first worked on Mountain View Lakes in the summer of 2010. The work consisted of one week with a full eight diver crew and one week with a four diver crew. The majority of the work was focused on key dense areas of milfoil growth on Mountain View Lake. Additionally, the four diver crew harvested growth on Indian Lake which is connected via a channel.










The harvest results above show significant amounts removed. The plants were typically harvested in 3-5 foot depths and therefore were not especially tall. Therefore, these quantities represent larger numbers of individual plants. In deeper areas the plants grow taller and therefore have far more mass. A bag count from an area with tall plants represents fewer individual plants than a count from shallow areas.