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We can offer our experience to lake organizations or municipalities who are developing a plan of attack for their milfoil problem. How do we raise money? How do we make the case? How much will it cost? We can help address these questions and ensure that the organization takes the right path to the fastest, …

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Hand Harvesting

AIM dive teams are trained in a variety of hand-harvesting methods designed to handle any type of milfoil growth encountered. Using these techniques we can accurately attack an infestation quickly and thoroughly. Our team sizes vary based on the job size and littoral zone width in a particular body of water. For larger lakes we …

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Benthic Mats

AIM has years of experience with benthic mats. More recently we have been removing old mats that have been on the bottom for too long. As a management technique we view the use of mats as a quick solution for small, dense beds of milfoil that are feeding fragments into a water body. As an …

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Lake Inspections

AIM crews are available to perform lake inspections to search for and assess the presence of aquatic invasives. This is done via surface inspection, underwater inspection and overall GPS based data collection. Any small quantities of invasives found will be harvested quickly as part of the inspection work. Any larger, more expansive populations of invasives …

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Suction Harvesting

We are in the research and development stage with suction harvesting and here is why. All of the current systems we have examined are full of flaws and as a result are slower and less cost-effective than our hand-harvesting methods. We have nailed down many of the specifics of how to create a working system. …

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